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The principles of osteopathy are equally applicable to animals, whether domestic pets or high performance competition horses.

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Sports Injuries

Sports injury treatmentWhat do we treat?

There's nothing mysterious about a sports injury. Most often, the term “sports injury” describes a muscle strain or a sprained ligament and these injuries can happen to anyone. They just happen to be more common on the sports field. 

We have a range of therapies at our disposal to get you back to fitness quickly and to help prevent any recurrence of injury. Our osteopaths are all highly trained and experienced in accurate diagnosis of sports injuries, and this is the key to applying the best treatment. Treatment is likely to include massage of tight muscles, mobilisation of restricted joints and, where appropriate, electrotherapy (such as ultrasound). In some circumstances we may also include acupuncture in the treatment plan.

Our Sports Injuries Therapist


Jason Sheridan
Jay has over 15 years experience in Sports Therapy and is probably one of the most highly qualified massage therapists in the country. He was recently awarded the UK’s highest level certification (Dip 5) in Sports and Remedial Massage, he's trained with the Football Association in treatment of acute injuries, and currently works with Wellingborough Rugby Football Club. He has worked closely with osteopaths for much of his career and has expertise across a wide range of sporting disciplines.

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Our clinic is located in Higham Ferrers, close to Rushden, Northamptonshire.  We are also within easy reach of Bedford, Wellingborough, Kimbolton, Northampton and Kettering.