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Animal Osteopathy

The principles of osteopathy are equally applicable to animals, whether domestic pets or high performance competition horses.

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Nutritional Advisors


Louise Mercieca

Louise runs 'The Health Kick' a company set up to provide a sensible, holistic approach to fitness and nutrition. Louise has a corporate background in Human Resources and found the skills she enjoyed using in big corporations were more fun to use in the world of fitness; the world she has loved since her teens. Through training in HR, fitness and nutrition she she knows how to manage, motivate and inspire. For many years she has used these skills to help people lose weight, get fit and start living a healthy life. Her moto is: Weight loss is not just about what the scales say and healthy eating isn't about counting calories!

Louise offers exercise and nutrition plans to fit in with busy lifestyles to help you get fit, strong and healthy, and to make this a way of life not a temporary fix. If you want to lose weight, get fit or just feel healthier call us for a free chat with Louise and see what how she can transform your life.

Kay Hughes

Kay Hughes
Kay wears two hats in the clinic - firstly she is a very experienced homeopath, but she also uses kinesiology (muscle testing) to assess people for food intolerances. Food intolerances can cause a variety of upsetting problems and can make life miserable. If you think you might have a problem with specific foods, or if you're lethargic and can't work out why, or if you're just interested in finding out what foods you should avoid come and see Kay for an assessment.

And remember, not everyone is sensitive to diary and wheat! For some people it's potatoes!

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