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Animal Osteopathy

The principles of osteopathy are equally applicable to animals, whether domestic pets or high performance competition horses.

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Sports Therapy, Sports Injuries & Massage

If you're looking for a massage, or for sports therapy for an injury, look no further! Our therapists are the top in their field and have an impressive selection of areas of specialisation.

Jason Sheridan

Jay has over 15 years experience in Sports Therapy and is probably one of the most highly qualified massage therapists in the country. He holds the UK’s highest level certification (Dip 5) in Sports and Remedial Massage and has trained with the Football Association in treatment of acute injuries. He currently works with Wellingborough Rugby Football Club and treats many runners in the area. He has worked closely with osteopaths for much of his career and has expertise across a wide range of sporting disciplines.

Brooke Robinson

Brooke graduated as an osteopath in Australia before coming to the UK to further her interest in treating sports men and women. She trains regularly herself and understands the problems and injuries that can occur when asking more of your body. She worked with the Northampton Saints for several years before moving to Worcester Ruby Club where she is heavily involved in the rehab work needed to get injured players back in top level training.

Hollie Bettles

Hollie Bettles

Hollie will be familiar to regular patients as an occasional member of the Reception Team. This is because, before she qualified as a sports therapist, she pestered Claire until she got a job in the clinic! Fortunately she is multi-talented and now is Steven's number 2 at The Academy of Physical Medicine, a training facility we run for osteopaths and other manual therapists. The big love in life is her bicycle, with whom she travels 100s of miles every week. She competes at the national elite mountain-biking level and as a result is very knowledgeable about cycling and sport-related injuries.

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